In my IT career I have had the opportunity to  work in a wide range of disciplines.


While I have specialised in Business World (formerly Agresso), the skills I have gained (and therefore the services I can offer) are hugely transferable.

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I have been involved in large and small projects for government agencies, corporations and charities across 3 continents from Swindon to Sudan.


I have worked directly for clients or through agencies.

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I am an IT Trainer/Author/Tester with a technical background in Desktop Support. In that role I was lucky enough to support all manner of software (Microsoft, Legal, Financial, Bespoke) and hardware (PC's, Handheld devices, Video Conferencing).

I made the move from support to training 12 years ago and love the challenges of project work in a team atmosphere.

I have led and been part of many training teams, organised and carried out Floorwalking support and created manual and interactive documentation. (User Guides, Quick Ref Guides / e-learning, PPT).

I have been involved in large and small projects for governments, companies and charities across 3 continents - see map below.

I have trained all kinds of people (MP's, Peers, Military, Civil Servants, Lawyers) in all kinds of environments (clinics, seminars, 1-2-1 courses, classrooms).


I enjoy communicating with clients and subject matter experts, and creating documentation that is both useful in content and innovative in design.



Matt Volpato 

Tel: 07876752344

"I worked with Matt on the ARIES project at DfID. Matt was, as he always is, great to work with; unfailingly generous with his time and attention and always ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and done well. 

With his gift for learning and flair for the visual he took on the vast majority of the e-learning work for a few clients, creating interactive learning tools with great flow and impact.

He managed this going from almost a standing start, with little or no experience at the beginning of the multiple applications he used to create the tools, which makes his achievement all the more impressive. This is however typical of Matt; he is always positive, dynamic and highly productive and I have yet to see him fail at anything he's taken on. "

Eric Norton, Trainer - Dfid & Highpoint

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